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carolyn pione micheli, the e.w. scripps co.

Sarah Brown works with our Scripps Corporate Communications team to help us understand ourselves and one another better and perform as a highly functioning team. As a service agency within the company, we rely heavily on each other. Good relationships and self-awareness are crucial. Sarah is trained in the DISC program, 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and she also uses team-building exercises, physical challenges and other evaluation tools to move us outside of our daily jobs and into a higher plane of thinking. She has tireless energy to listen, offer insight and respond quickly to changing dynamics in a session. She's been a tremendous help both to our team's productivity and our member's personal development, and we are very grateful to be working with her. 

marcia apple, cincinnati bell

I attended a team building event at Camp Joy with 11 coworkers. I was somewhat hesitant going in but, wanted to keep my mind open. From the start, I could feel Sarah and the rest of the staff's positive energy and subtle leadership as they encouraged us to stay open, be honest and participate. It was encouraging to watch each team member open up and capitalize on their individual strengths. Even more powerful was being encouraged to breakdown my own "phantom rules" and push myself out of my comfort zone. This experience was one of the most positive and beneficial yet. Sarah was so intuitive and energized. I love her spirit and passion!

joe wiles, cincinnati bell

Sarah's unique approach to brainstorming and group work leads to very thought provoking results. Her leadership draws deep from within the group and pulls the most out of each individual. No doubt she is a world class facilitator.


sadie bonifas, 4C for children

Recently, Early Childhood leaders got the opportunity to spend the morning with Sarah Brown and she left them craving more. The participants were able to recognize how their DiSC communication style could either help or hinder their relationships with others and reflect on how to maximize future interactions. Sarah was engaging and
fun and did not hold back from challenging the group. The result was a very impactful session. 

our team

sarah brown, owner

Sarah is big on a few things: leadership, instructional design services 
and team building services.
With a master's in counseling, Sarah began her career counseling suicidal and mentally ill children. Her enthusiasm for developing her professional skill set led her to a promotion to learning manager thus leading her to the path of working with companies eager to grow their businesses.

With 10 years of business consulting experience, Sarah has served mid-size companies
as well as Fortune 500 companies. She has also successfully created and managed leadership programs for a large Cincinnati-based health care system.

Sarah believes all teams and individuals have the capability to do and see
more with the help of her and her team. 

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