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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill


Failing Forward Audio Podcast is HERE!
Ever experienced failure? Of course you have. But what makes some people more resilient than others? Learn from successful people on how their failures launched them into success. 

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Episode 1, Tony Miller - LISTEN NOW

Tony Miller, founder and CEO of Jancoa Janitorial Services, talks about his 3 greatest gifts: alcoholism,
3 marriages and diabetes.





Episode 2, Natasia Malaihollo - LISTEN NOW

Natalie Malaihollo, founder and CEO of Wyzerr, talks about the miracles she experienced on her way
to securing funding and you 
won't believe how she lived on basically NO money.





Episode 3, David Falk - LISTEN NOW
Who has ever made it big and thought, "They are going to realize I have no idea what I'm doing?"
David Falk, successful chef, talks about imposter syndrome.




Episode 4, Beth Silvers - LISTEN NOW
Beth Silvers, podcast star of Pantsuit Politics, talks about the current political climate, a perceived failed election
(on both sides) and how to
 re-engage in politics in a positive way. 





Episode 5, Chris Cicchinelli - LISTEN NOW
Chris Cicchinelli, CEO of Pure Romance, talks about living a life by design, not default. AND he graduated 2nd to last in his high school class!

Episode 6, Lynn Meyers - LISTEN NOW

Lynn Meyers, CEO of Cincinnati Ensemble Theatre, talks about how to keep the theatre viable in a tough neighborhood by connecting with the community. She also tells a pretty great story about a drug dealer and a case of Heineken.

Episode 7, Kurt Platte - LISTEN NOW

Kurt Platte, successful businessman, architect and a warrior against the heroin epidemic or as he says, the addiction epidemic.

Episode 8, Mike Hoeting - LISTEN NOW

Mike Hoeting, owner of Bang Zoom Design, a toy company, talks about his closet called the land of misfit toys. He believes that if he doesn’t have a room full of rejections he’s not trying hard enough.

Episode 9, Nora Fink - LISTEN NOW

Successful personal stylist, Nora Fink, shares her secrets to a successful business.

Episode 10, Kirk Perry - LISTEN NOW

After 23 years in a senior level position at P&G, Kirk Perry tells us why he felt called to uproot his family and move to CA to become President of Brand Solutions at Google.

Episode 11, Sara Hyzdu - LISTEN NOW

Neuroscience expert, Sara Hyzdu tells us the sabertooth tiger is no longer a threat but as humans, we scan for social threats 5x/second. What are your social threats? A boss wanting to talk to you in their office; a spouse saying, we need to talk. Learn how to manage those innate fears that get in our way of joy and success.

Episode 12, Rob McDonald - LISTEN NOW

Rob McDonald, attorney and founder of The Brandery, talks about failure in the venture capital world and is it more socially acceptable to fail as a woman or a man.

Episode 13, Anyah Land - LISTEN NOW

Anyah Land, speaker and HR professional talks about managing stress through personal ownership and that failure is NOT fatal.

Episode 14, Scott Mautz - LISTEN NOW

Scott Mautz, accomplished author and speaker, talks about how fear of failure sucks our power and inspiration - it blocks action. Learn how he overcame multiple no's to get his book published. And how he tried one last time and got a yes that launched his writing and speaking career.

Episode 15, Liz Tilton - LISTEN NOW

In this "mini" podcast, Liz Tilton shares how beekeeping found her and how she faced her fears of working with bees. Listen for all the ways we can learn from bees.

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